At Mandarin Minds we provide a unique offering where we complement interactive self learning with regular online one-on-one tutoring sessions. Our teaching is developed to ensure reading, writing, listening and spoken skills develop simultaneously. 

Online Tutoring


Gain confidence and Learn Mandarin you will actually use.

Whether you’re studying Mandarin at school, heading to China for business purposes, or planning to travel through China, online tutoring will help you to better understand the language and culture.


Experienced native tutors.

Learn straight from the source, with seasoned tutors that are local to China. Every Mandarin Minds tutor speaks fluent Mandarin and English.


Live conversation.

Learning through one-on-one conversation is the best way of learning a new language. It is how languages have been learnt, well…forever!


Quickly gain confidence.

Personal tutoring offers a safe learning environment, in which you are free to experiment and take chances. Learning in this way will build your confidence, fast.


Personalised and convenient.

You will be the one speaking Mandarin, which is why each course is tailored to meet your personality and your lifestyle.

Bang for your buck.

Mandarin Minds is an Australian-based company, with certified tutors located in China. This means you get the benefits of a westernised, structured teaching approach, without the hefty price tag.


Instant feedback.

With online tutoring, there is no need to wait for test results. Your tutor will constantly provide you with the tips and pointers you need to be your best.

Claim your free lesson now!

As a special offer to students trying out Mandarin Minds for the first time we'd love to offer you a free trial lesson with one of our teachers to get you started on your Mandarin journey. This will allow you to meet a tutor and see just how simple it is to start!

Engage. Interact. Learn.

Advance your learning with a Mandarin Minds, your tailored language partner, fit for your level and needs.

Content that suits you

Learn at a level that is appropriate for you. An initial placement test will determine your current language ability and place you in the appropriate level. Get the best results with learning material that is just challenging enough to keep you interested, engaged and hungry for more!

Fun and engaging

Each level contains interactive exercises, fun activities and plenty of stories. Every package complements the self learning with  two 25 minute one-on-one tutoring sessions per week, so you can practice your spoken skills too. You will be quickly improving your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills without even realising you are learning!

Monitor your learning

Track your progress with periodic quizzes and feedback reports. Keep motivated with rewards that will fast track you towards achieving your personal targets.


To continue improving your Mandarin, it is important that you learn at a time and place that best suits you. Engage with our service from your computer, tablet or smartphone and enjoy the benefits of a flexible learning system.