Esther comes from Min He in the Qinghai province and is from the Hui minority group of China. She enjoys reading, mountain walking and listening to light music. Of all our teachers Esther is our longest serving one. Esther’s ideal holiday would be enjoying the natural scenery with her close family and friends.
She speaks Mandarin, English and a little bit of German.



Shirley comes from Huzhu in the Qinghai Province. She studied in Xi’an majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. For the past four years, Shirley has been teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speakers and enjoys reading, teaching and spending time with friends.
Besides Mandarin, Shirley speaks English and Qinghai dialect.


Joan comes from Xining in the Qinghai province. During her spare time she enjoys mountain walking, reading and surfing the Internet. She would love to go to San Francisco or Quebec and spend her time visiting art galleries and museums. Shawshank Redemption is her favourite movie, while she also enjoys the TV show Modern Family. Most mornings Joan gets her exercise by climbing 15 floors to get to the office.
Joan is fluent in both Mandarin and English.


Zhangli is from Northeast China, an area famous for forests and plentiful snow. She loves photography, painting, traveling, reading and playing badminton.
She enjoys using her mind and hands to participate in creative pursuits. “There is always a new way; a better way to live life” she says. She delights in meeting people from other cultures while traveling - such experiences humble her and helps her connect better to the world.

She loves sharing knowledge with people, especially through one-on-one teaching. Zhangli will find a unique way, based on a person’s personality, to embrace learning in a fun and creative way. 


Lisa is from Qinghai province of China. She is an experienced teacher - with more than 6 years of teaching English - and she also works at a music training center, teaching children English and public speaking.  In her spare time, she likes to sing, read books, listen to music, and do yoga.