3 Ways to Spark Your Child's Interest in Mandarin

It is a well known and accepted fact that China is currently on the right trajectory in becoming the next global super power. Parents with foresight and who like to plan ahead may already have taken steps to align their young children by starting their Mandarin journey.

Truth be told, Mandarin is not an easy language to master.

How then can you as a parent, do your part to pique your child's interest.

Here are three ways:

1) Use pictures

Flashcards and the like are great for learning any language but Mandarin is a little different as the characters originated from pictures.

Chineasy for example, is an excellent system of drawings and characters.

More here: www.chineasy.com

2) Daily words, consistently, a little at a time

We have a system here at Mandarin Minds where children log in for a short 10-15 minutes daily to get that extra exposure to Mandarin. As a parent, you could help by reinforcing learning e.g during the course of a meal, while at groceries or in the car…a simple phrase a day could do wonders...practicing the four tones is imperative to setting up your child for success.

3) Utilize technology

Cartoons, TV shows, radio - anything with a Mandarin sound will increase your child's awareness to picking up certain words. Over time, this adds up and it does make a difference!

A Chinese saying

Jī shǎo chéng duō


Accumulation of little becomes many

English saying, 'many drops make an ocean'

E.g. 'Son, please learn to save your coins and stop spending them on lollies...you'll be surprised it will be a case of 积少成多'